iTWO benchmark (Version 2.1)

  • Major internal technology and product architecture updates in order to provide better security, maintainability, and extensibility for iTWO benchmark into the future.
  • Extended the Data fields and tables available through the OData interface for use in external applications such as PowerBI. The changes are:

    1. A new level field against each estimate element which provides the level of the estimate element based on the level of the corresponding code field in the code library. This change makes it easier to group elements in PowerBI without needing to manually join tables and code library csv files.

    2. The Clients table is now provided in the OData, to allow the client name and other relevant information to be included in PowerBI dashboards and reports.

  • Better performance throughout including reduced time to load pages and faster data loading.
  • Improved Project Geocoding user experience. Geocoding is shown when Viewing / Editing Project and it now auto-fills the Latitude and Longitude up to 5 decimal places. Better error and warning handling is also provided.
  • Security enhancements. As part of the architecture updates, a number of the underlying technologies have been updated. This provides improved security but it also means that Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported from 2.1 onwards. Please check the system requirements in the iTWO benchmark Help for alternative browser options.
  • Error messages displayed to the user under various conditions have been improved.
  • Improved field validation and checking provided for various entities.