RIB not only sells our takeoff technology as part of the iTWO costX® suite, but it is also sold to other companies for them to integrate
into their own products.

dxAPI ( In-House System )

Integrate leading measurement technology into your existing product to offer your staff a total solution…
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dxAPI ( Existing Software )

Integrate leading measurement technology into your existing product to offer customers a total solution…
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8 Reasons to Use

  • Quantities with Quality

    Our on-screen measurement technology is the worldwide leader in its field, so you’ll have the reassurance of knowing you have the best possible tools at your disposal.

  • We Don’t Stop at PDF

    Our measurement technology works with a huge range of your files; from BIM formats including Revit, IFC (from ArchiCAD, Tekla, Microstation & most major design packages) & SketchUp®, to 2D CAD, PDF and even scanned plans.

  • Takeoff in Seconds

    Our tools actually take advantage of the intelligence in 2D and 3D/BIM plans, meaning measuring an entire room will only take you a few clicks. This rapid takeoff saves you hours wasted on manual measurement.

  • Don’t let BIM Manage You

    As BIM becomes used more frequently in your industry, it becomes a necessity to be able to manage this change. Our BIM takeoff technology is unsurpassed, ensuring you won’t be left behind.

  • Eco-friendly Office

    With our on-screen takeoff you can measure all of your plans digitally. This means that you no longer need to print off endless reams of paper. Now you can save time and the environment.

  • A Perfect Integration

    dxAPI is designed to work with your pre-existing set-up, so rather than using two standalone products you can now have a seamless system that flows smoothly between takeoff and estimating.

  • We Grow Together

    We don’t stop when you start using our tools. We work closely with you to ensure your evolving needs are met. Our software can be re-branded and customised to your requirements and can even be translated into different languages.

  • First Class Measurement Technology

    When you choose dxAPI, you choose the very best tools for your industry, enabling you to be several steps ahead of your competitor’s capabilities.